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Los Angeles Must-Know Facts

  1. Los Angeles is the largest city in California, 2nd most populous city in the USA and 3rd most populous city in North America with Mexico City being the 1st and New York the 2nd.
  2. El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la Reina de los Ángeles is not a full name of Los Angeles. It was a name of a Spanish pueblo founded in 1781, which later became Los Angeles.
  3. What is considered as Los Angeles in popular culture is actually more than 60 cities that can establish their own rules and laws.
  4. There are about 4,000,000 people living in the City of Los Angeles and about 13,000,000 in the Los Angeles metropolitan area.
  5. The Spaniards came here in 1542.
  6. Americans took the town in 1847.
  7. Los Angeles was a part of Mexico for just 27 years: from 1821 to 1848.
  8. LA’s container port is the busiest in North and South America (but just 17th worldwide).
  9. LA hosted two Olympic games: in 1932 and 1984. It will host the 2028 Summer Olympics.
  10. After the 10th Olympics in 1932, 10th Street was renamed to Olympic boulevard.
  11. The city has grown thanks to oil, ship and aircraft manufacture, and film industry.
  12. The city is now the largest manufacturing center in the US.
  13. LA had the world’s largest electrified rail system.
  14. The city’s bus system is the 2nd busiest in the US.
  15. UCLA is the birthplace of the Internet.
  16. The most powerful recent earthquake was the 6.7 Northridge earthquake in 1994.
  17. Palm trees are not native to LA, they were introduced.
  18. Some of the longest streets are Sepulveda Boulevard (43 miles) and Foothill Boulevard (60 miles).
  19. Wilshire Grand Center is the tallest building in Los Angeles and California (1100 feet/335 meters).
  20. Los Angeles enjoys the Mediterranean climate.
  21. LA is the largest urban oil field. Oil wells can be found next to residential buildings and on school campuses.
  22. The metropolitan LA area has the 2nd largest Jews population in the USA (more than 600,000 people).
  23. LA is host to the annual Academy and Grammy Awards.
  24. The Los Angeles road traffic has been named as the most congested in the US.
  25. Los Angeles has the largest in the country homeless population.

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